Matters of Life & Death: Paradox Cast

Sherri Z. Heller (Margaret)
Sherri Z. Heller has been acting in plays and musicals for decades. Favorite roles include Matron Mama Morton in “Chicago”, Sarah Jane Moore in (Stephen Sondheim’s) “Assassins”, Marjorie Taub in “The Take of the Allergists’s Wife”. She’s been concentrating on film/tv work over the last few years, but found the opportunity to be in a world premiere production of a play workshopped as part of Sacramento’s Writers and Artists Collective an irresistible draw back to the stage. Plus, after two years of Zoom, she really wants to hear an audience hold it's collective breath!
Mark Heckman (Bill)
Mark has long been an actor, director and teacher working with The Actor's Workshop of Sacramento. So we are thrilled to have him with us at The Artist's Collective! He has graced many a stage here, from Shakespeare to "The Best Man". He is happy to be bringing a little gem like this play to life.