Clue: On Stage (High School Edition) Cast

Jane Lloyd (Yvette)
Jane Lloyd is a freshman at Brockport High School. Her pronouns are she/her and she is playing Yvette the French maid. Jane has been involved in theatre since sixth grade and has grown to love it more and more over time. She likes being able to work with new people and learning things that are outside of her comfort zone. Jane enjoys singing, listening to music, and spending time with friends.
Josh Sidebotham (Beat Cop)
Josh Sidebotham is a senior, playing a beat cop in this year’s production of Clue. This is his first on-stage performance outside of elementary school plays. And it’s a fine place to start, Clue is filled with sly, subtle, and risqué humor great for a night of laughs… and mystery. Outside of school, Josh enjoys spending time with his parrots, working out, watching motorsports, and playing video games. After graduation he plans to pursue a career in automotive journalism. He’d like to thank his friends for inspiring him to participate in the play, and his parents for being supportive in all his endeavors. 
Autumn Richey (Chief)
Autumn (she/her) is a junior at Brockport High School and plays the Chief in the Brockport Drama Club's production of Clue. Autumn has been involved in Brockport's musicals since 7th grade and has also been in two of the straight plays. Clue is a very unique show that always keeps you on your toes! Autumn loves working with the cast and seeing the show flourish. Autumn is the choir secretary and the drama club secretary and plans to continue her leadership roles within the music department again next year as a senior!
Kai Bonisteel (Mr. Boddy, Singing Telegram Girl, Beat Cop)
Kai (any pronouns) is a sophomore and play the role of Mr. Boddy, the Singing Telegram Girl, and a police officer. Kai has been involved involved in theatre since 6th grade. Kai's favorite parts of Clue are the murder mystery aspects, the humor, and being apart of the cast. Kai is very involved in the BHS food shelf and is taking over as Food Shelf Leader next year, as well as being a drama club board member and in choir. GO BILLS!
Ziyad ElOuardighini (Colonel Mustard)
Ziyad ElOuardighini (he/him) is a high school sophomore and is playing Colonel Mustard in BHS's production of Clue. He has been with the theater department since his first year of Middle School and has been in every production since. Ziyad likes how zany and fun the show is, and how he gets to really exaggerate in his acting. Ziyad is involved in choir both in and out of school, piano, and volunteers as a member of Nation Honor Society.
Julia Hunsinger (Mrs. White)
Julia Hunsinger (she/her) is a junior at BHS and is Mrs. White in the production. She has been in Little Mermaid Jr., Beauty and the Beast Jr, Mary Poppins Jr., Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cinderella, Into the Woods, and now Clue. Growing up this was her and her families favorite movies so she is so excited to have the opportunity to be in this production of Clue. She loves the witty jokes and the characters that make up the show and enjoys acting beside some of her closest friends.
Sophia Visconte (Cook)
Sophia Visconte (She/Her) is a Junior at Brockport High School and plays the part of Cook in the 2023 production of Clue. Sophia has been involved in theater since sixth grade, and has been in a production every year since, whether as an actor in plays or on tech crew for musicals. She is involved in many clubs and sports in her school but finds the most comfort in libraries. Her favorite part about Clue (besides her fabulous cast mates) is all of the little inside jokes slipped into the script, and the fun of discovering more with each run through!