River Valley Players teams up with American Players Theatre, Capital City Theatre and Monkey Business Institute to present a theatre immersion day for RVHS students on Friday, February 16, 2024. (An In-Service school day)

This full day program will guide students with an interest and passion for the theater in learning about and building their improvisation and auditioning skills in preparation for an open mic presentation at the end of the day. These skills are not only great for performers, but also build essential skills for classroom participation, job interviews and public speaking. 

Ever wonder how the elaborate stage sets are designed and built? What about how the costumes and stage props are created? You couldn't have a show without lights and sound, so who is responsible for that? Students will learn the answers to these questions and more as a representative from APT shares fun, potential career options that are available to students who may not want to be on the stage, but love being involved in creating imaginative worlds and using their hands and minds.

This workshop is only $15 for RVHS students and is limited to 20 students total and we do expect it to sell out. Sign-up forms will be available at the RVHS office prior to the Christmas holiday. 

For more information contact Patrick Hagen, RVP's Vice President, at [email protected].



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